Beyond the Abyss: February SciBar

Beyond the Abyss Event Poster

Beyond the Abyss: The Five Deeps Expedition and Extreme Marine Exploration
Dr Alan J. Jamieson
Senior Lecturer in Marine Ecology, Newcastle University

Wednesday, February 19th at 7:30 pm

Tyneside Cinema
Coffee Rooms
2nd Floor
10 Pilgrim St.
Newcastle upon Tyne

The Five Deeps Expedition is a privately funded round-the-world trip to dive, in a two-person submersible, to the deepest point in every ocean. Within the space of one year, the dedicated Deep Submergence Support Vessel Pressure Drop has circumnavigate the globe and successfully deployed a new full ocean depth submersible to the deepest point in the Atlantic, Southern, Indian, Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

These dives include the Puerto Rico Trench (7199 and 8376 m), the South Sandwich Trench (7433 m), the Java Trench (7180 and 7193 m), the Mariana Trench (10700 – 10928m) and the Molloy Deep (5600 m). Alongside these unique insights into the deepest points of our planet over 100 lander deployments were undertaken alongside, plus nearly 650,000km-2 of seafloor was mapped using a new state-of-the-art multibeam echo sounder.

This talk will present the details of the expedition and the ultra-deep submersible. It will also showcase the best video from the most extreme marine environments in the world including the deepest fishes, octopus, shrimp, and other deep sea species.


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