Video: The Chemistry of Coffee

Originally broadcast on Twitch:

The Chemistry of Coffee
Dr. Chris Howell, Newcastle University.

Broadcast 7:30pm, Wednesday 25th November

#CyberSciBar is a series of free, public science-themed talks streamed live on Twitch.

How much do you know about (arguably) the world’s favourite drink? How can you apply some basic principles of chemistry in order to make your morning coffee taste better?  

Join us on November 25th for CyberScibar, when Dr Chris Howell will be talking coffee. Specifically, the chemical extraction methods that are used to make the world’s favourite morning drink. He’ll present the science of what factors are important and how understanding chemistry principles can lead to a tastier cappuccino.

He’ll also show how coffee production shines a light on interdisciplinary research; how knowledge in one research area can have implications and value in another.


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