January SciBar

Splitting Water: Designing Alternative Electrode Materials
Steve Ward
PhD Student in Materials Science, Newcastle University

Tyneside Cinema
Coffee Rooms
2nd Floor
10 Pilgrim St.
Newcastle upon Tyne

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the known universe. It’s also a great source of fuel for renewable energy generation due to its high specific energy and low environmental impact compared to traditional fossil fuel sources.

One of the simplest sources of hydrogen is water. Therefore, finding alternate materials to be used in the generation of hydrogen from the splitting of water is one of the biggest challenges faced by humans to date. The splitting of water is limited by the sluggish oxygen evolution reaction (OER), and so the key to practical hydrogen production lies in overcoming the slow nature of the OER.

Current materials are precious metal based, which are low in abundance, demonstrate poor ionic conductivity, and utilise high cost materials. During this talk, Steve Ward will present the advantages and challenges faced whilst developing suitable alternate materials to be used in this reaction.


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