June CyberSciBar

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/PalaceofScience

Fighting the Superbugs
Dr Paula Salgado

8pm, Wednesday 24th June

CyberSciBar is a series of FREE public talks streamed live on Twitch. All are welcome!
Fighting the Superbugs: The Puzzles of Antimicrobial Resistance.
Join Paula Salgado,  Senior Lecturer in Macromolecular Crystallography at Newcastle University as she heroically battles the superbugs.
C. diff is a bug that causes diarrhoea and is a problem for people who have been treated with antibiotics, as these kill all the good bacteria, leaving space for the C. diff to grow. As many other superbugs, C. diff is resistant to antibiotics, which means we don’t have many ways to treat it.
The use of aggressive antibiotic treatments in COVID-19 patients across the world is likely to make the problem of antibiotic resistance even worse…
So join Dr Paula Salgado for a little tour of the fight against C. diff, solving the puzzles of how it causes diseases and how we can use what we know to design new treatments for this horrible infection.


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