Learning Through Game Play

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/PalaceofScience

Learning though Game Play
Chioma Udeozor, Marie-Curie Early Stage Researcher, School of Engineering, Newcastle University.

7:30pm, Wednesday 21st October

#CyberSciBar is a series of free, public science-themed talks streamed live on Twitch.

Games are a popular source of entertainment to both the young and the old. According to a recent report, there were 2.47 billion gamers in the world by the end of 2019. Although digital games were frowned upon in the past, they are now being embraced not just for entertainment but also for serious (non-entertainment) purposes. Games have been successfully adopted in several sectors including health, tourism, education and business, for various serious purposes.

Digital games (both commercial off-the-shelf games as well as serious games) are increasingly being used to deliver learning contents to students. The interest in games for learning is attributed to their ability to engage, motivate and enhance active learning. With technology advancing, and more sophisticated gaming gadgets being developed, learning through games are becoming more immersive, hence promoting contextual learning and enhancing longer retention of knowledge and skills learnt. Digital games have the potential to complement traditional pedagogies, making up for the limitations of conventional teaching methods especially in this era of social distancing and remote learning.

In this talk, researcher Chioma Udeozor will present an overview of what digital games are and why they are considered relevant for teaching and learning. She will outline some of the uses of games in higher education as well as industries and she’ll describe the contribution of her research to the field of digital game-based learning.


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