Palace of Science Festival

Palace of Science Festival 2020 was postponed due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. It will be rescheduled for later in the year.

Palace of Science festival is back for 2020! Taking place at Tyne Bank Brewery, Newcastle upon Tyne on Sunday March 15th from 12-4, the annual festival will celebrate the amazing scientific research that takes place throughout the North East!

Palace of Science 2020 Exhibitors

DogBox: The unique research lab created especially for dogs!

DogBox is a space for dogs and owners for observing canine behaviour, dog-owner interactions, dog movement and testing dogs’ understanding of basic concepts. Using the state of the art facilities, our studies aim to create a better understanding of dog behaviour and to improve dog welfare.

Further information: DogBox

Auditory Cognition Lab

The Auditory Cognition Group from Newcastle University Medical Faculty will be on hand to baffle you with their sound illusions, like the Yanny / Laurel trick. You can also go for a haircut in their virtual barbershop showing how you use both your ears and brain to make sense of our noisy world. They will also be talking about the condition known as misophonia – have you ever been annoyed by the sound of someone chewing? This is misophonia. Where certain trigger sounds can distress and anger you. 

Northumbria Sports Science

Using ultrasound to understand muscle activity!

Stuart, Paul and Kirsty from the Department of Sport, Exercise, & Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Northumbria University will be bringing their ultrasound machines and devices to look at muscle activity (EMG). They’re also inviting female festival-goers to take part in studies into exercise and menopause!


Sagacity is a digital interactive installation – The Periodic Table of Emotions – A live interactive digital installation acting as a reflective emotional barometer. Activated through twitter using hashtags or geolocation. Software, Projector.

You’ll be invited to tweet how you’re feeling using a specific hashtag. Sagacity acts as a barometer of the emotional state of its location. As it reflects it aims to catalyse conversations, about why we are feeling the way we do about where we are. However, it is up to those who occupy that location to respond and initiate change.

Aidan Moesby who created the piece will be at the event to chat about the work 

Teesside University Games Development

Firefighting in VR! A Virtual Reality simulation developed for firefighters.

Durham University Department of Physics

Detecting dark matter!

In particle physics we study the nature and behaviour of the fundamental blocks of the universe. The current best theory, the “Standard Model”, describes these fundamental particles and their interactions with each other. However we know it’s not complete yet. Various observations suggest the existence of a much more abundant “invisible” type of matter which is called “dark” matter.

It is a huge challenge for physicists to find a way to detect dark matter in experiments and study its properties. This demonstration shows how a we are attempting to detect this “dark” matter using gigantic detectors buried deep below the Earth’s surface.

Department of Psychology, Northumbria University

Genavee Brown is a Llecturer in the Department of Psychology, Northumbria University.

Genavee studies the benefits and risks of technology for relationships from a social psychology perspective. Examining the types of relationships that people maintain online and how they use tools, like social media, to help communicate with friends and family. Current projects are related to Instagram and emoticon usage in different cultures.

…plus many more to be announced!

What is Palace of Science?

Palace of Science is an annual science festival held during March in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

When is Palace of Science?

12-4pm, Sunday 15th March 2020.
The event is held during both British Science and Brain Awareness week and is a celebration of scientific research and outreach happening throughout the North East.

Where is Palace of Science?

Tyne Bank Brewery
377 Walker Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 2AB

Check out our gallery of photos from previous years’ events HERE.

The event is a showcase of science, with various exhibitors setting up shop to demonstrate some of the wonders in their scientific field. In addition to the exhibitor stands, previous years have seen the hall filled with science buskers and art installations that communicate science through artist-scientist collaborations. Check out our gallery for images of some of the activities on offer at previous events. New for Palace of Science 2019 we added “Meet the Scientist Corner”, where you could go to chat with a scientist over a beer about their research.

Of course, Palace of Science isn’t all about the science, it’s approximately 10% about the beer. During the event the bar is open all night. Food is also available.

On the 1st June 2019, Palace of Science merged with the North East branch of the British Science Association. The brilliant group of volunteers behind the successful BSA events like SciBar and SciQuiz are now part of a team of volunteers working with Palace of Science to organise a schedule of regular events throughout the year. The core of these events will be the ever popular SciBar and SciQuiz. For more information of our upcoming events check out the events page.

What are British Science and Brain Awareness week?

British Science Week, run by the British Science Association, is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, featuring entertaining and engaging events and activities across the UK for people of all ages. It provides a platform to stimulate and support teachers, STEM professionals, science communicators and the general public to produce and participate in STEM events and activities. Anyone can organise an event or activity, and the British Science Association helps organisers plan by providing free activity and support resources. We welcome and support any type of organiser, from schools to community groups, from parents to large organisations. The resulting programme of events is a hugely varied and eclectic mix.

Brain Awareness Week is a global initiative created by the DANA foundation to increase public awareness about brain research. Each year brain scientists around the globe think of fun ways to engage people in the exciting world of brain science. The Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University is no exception and will be at the Palace of Science to tell you about their research. Whether you are interested in vision, hearing, movement, memory or anything else the brain does why not come and ask?

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