Scrubbing the Sky: Reacting to the Carbon Dioxide Problem


Scrubbing the Sky: Reacting to the Carbon Dioxide Problem
Dr Greg Mutch, Newcastle University Academic Track (NUAcT) Fellow, Materials, Concepts & Reaction Engineering (MatCoRE) Group, School of Engineering, Newcastle University

7:30pm, Wednesday 19th August

#CyberSciBar is a series of free, public science-themed talks streamed live on Twitch.

Climate change is the most prominent societal challenge of our time. Efforts are being made to pursue renewable energy technologies, such as wind energy, or battery-powered cars. However, alone this will not be enough.

Carbon dioxide is already at levels in the atmosphere that will lead to undesirable climatic impacts, and likely will continue to be added to the atmosphere in massive quantities.

We are therefore forced to consider technologies that draw down carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. In this talk, chemical engineering researcher Dr Greg Mutch will present the big picture facts and stats of climate change and the technologies we have at our disposal to deal with carbon dioxide specifically. He’ll argue that individual actions are important, and add up, but that we must pressure our representatives to tackle the carbon dioxide problem at scale.


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