September SciBar


Wednesday 18th: ‘This is your skin on UV‘ talk by SarahJayne Boulton, Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Sciences, Newcastle University

There’s nothing more lovely than the warm, soft caress of gentle sunshine on your skin. That is until you’ve been out in the blazing solar assault for 3 hours, have become caustically dehydrated and your shoulders could get a part as an extra in the Walking Dead. We know sunburn is bad, so why do we let it happen? Is the sun really as damaging as we’ve been lead to believe? This Sci Bar, I’ll be guiding you through an adventure into skin tanning, colouring and the strange and wonderful world of the Cosmeceutical Industry. Together we’ll take a look at the scientific mechanisms behind how the sun and other exposures can change the molecular profile of our skin and what we can do to truly love the skin we’re in.

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