Smart Zombies: Next Generation of Self Powered IoTs


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Smart Zombies: The Next Generation of Self Powered IoTs

Dr Marina Freitag
Royal Society University Research Fellow (URF)
Newcastle University Academic Track (NUAcT) Fellow
School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Master of Zombies

7:30pm, Wednesday 19th May.

#CyberSciBar is a series of free, online science-themed talks.
Internet of Things (IoTs) are set to define technology for the next digital revolutions, but current designs are strongly limited by their choice of energy supply. Ambient light (your table lamp) offers vast universally available energy, which can be used to design near-perpetual smart IoT devices.
Dr Marina Freitag developed the most efficient and sustainable ambient light photovoltaic technology to date, allowing her to create self-powered and smart IoT (smart zombies) devices capable of machine learning, which will enable society to reduce and optimise overall energy consumption.


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