Sam James

Sam is the founder of Palace of Science and can’t imagine a better way to discuss and share science than over a pint. He received his PhD in theoretical physics, where a few beers always helped to understand the mind-bending implications of quantum mechanics. He now enjoys sharing his love of all things science in pubs across the north east. You can see him the last Wednesday of every month for Cosmology Night at Ernest. Sam’s favourite beer is Wylam’s very own Jakehead.

Ann Fitchett

Ann is the events and communications officer for the Institute of Neuroscience (brains) at Newcastle University. After 10 years as a biomedical researcher she wanted a different challenge and became interested in how scientists communicate their work to a wider range of people. Ann’s favourite beer is a saison.

Calum Kirk

Calum is currently one of the Research Impact officers for Newcastle University (research impact being any influence research has outside of academia) and before that was a Research Technician at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research. His background is in biomedical and zoological research and will happily talk about animals until they call time at the bar. Fittingly then, his favourite beer is Red Kite

Paul Branch

Paul is the Outreach Officer at Newcastle University Physics department. He grew up in South Shields and studied for his PhD in Superconductivity at Durham University. He is passionate about lowering barriers to people engaging with science and increasing social mobility in this area. Paul thinks there’s no better place to chat science than the pub!
He too indecisive choose a favourite beer, but you can never go wrong with an IPA.

Stacey Aston

Stacey is a researcher in the Psychology Department at Durham University studying human perception and learning. In the past Stacey has worked in both Neuroscience and Mathematics departments so you could say Stacey has a varied interest in science. Even greater than that interest in science, is Stacey’s interest in sharing a huge love for science with the public and letting everyone know it’s never too late to learn something new!

Photograph of Amelie Ott

Amelie Ott

Amelie is a researcher in Environmental Engineering at Newcastle University. She works on various projects in emerging and developed countries to improve water quality. Amelie is interested in multi-disciplinary research approaches, involving stakeholders from industry, regulatory bodies and the general public in science. Her favourite beer is the Bavarian Lammsbräu Pils (great taste and a tiny portion of the barley comes from her mum’s farm).

Photograph of Nicola Simcock

Nicola Simcock

Nicola is a Research Associate at Newcastle University. With a background in Zoology and PhD in Neuroscience her research focuses on the health physiology of honeybees. She joined the Palace team as the Events Officer from the British Science Association (Newcastle branch), to communicate science beyond honeybees. With a love of pub quizzes (and IPA’s) Nicola’s first organised event was the SciQuiz, which is still going strong today! (check our events calendar for details).

Photograph of Euan Preston

Euan Preston

Euan is a filmmaker and director. His interest in science began as a child watching TV programmes such as BBC Horizon, Life on Earth and Tomorrow’s World. He currently works with STEM and healthcare organisations, helping them to communicate with non-expert audiences through film and video.

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