The Blind Truth Exhibition Launch


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6pm – 8:30pm, Monday 15th November.

The talks will be livestreamed on our Twitch channel:

Created and curated by photographic artist Jon Bradley and Newcastle
University Bioscience Institute PhD student Cat Pattie with funding support
from Newcastle University and curatorial support by Palace of Science,
this pioneering work addresses social stereotypes surrounding colour
visual defects (CVD) in people. Often labelled as “Colour Blindness”, the
stigmas and barriers that many individuals endure in diagnosis are rarely
addressed, often arising from poor education and communication.
Artist Jon Bradley explains more:
“In tapping into personal experiences, I have attempted to create an
environment where a person with ordinary colour perception will begin to
feel the same frustrations and anxieties that are typically felt by a person
diagnosed with CVD. In so doing this, we are attempting to raise
awareness and highlight the need to further learning around this often
poorly understood condition.”
Collaborating researcher Cat Pattie also explains:
“Our research at Newcastle University is looking at the academic,
occupational and psychological impacts of CVD. In a recent study we have
found that CVD individuals report facing issues in almost all core
curriculum lessons at school. Despite this, CVD is not widely recognised as
a special education need and there is a lack of awareness of the related
issues in schools. The aim of this collaboration is to stimulate discussion
about this condition which is widely overlooked and trivialised, and to
start a conversation surrounding the importance of raising awareness of
CVD and the importance of early screening.”
The Blind Truth is open to the general public from the 15th – 19th
November 2021, with a launch event on Monday 15th November from 6-
8:30pm, including talks from Jon Bradley, Cat Pattie, and Marie Difolco,
voluntarily Head of Marketing at Colour Blind Awareness. Refreshments
will be available and there is opportunity for discussion with the speakers.


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