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The Human Canvas: The History and Culture of Tattooing
Dr Rebecca Owens, PhD, SFHEA, CPsychol, Lecturer in Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing, University of Sunderland.

7:30pm, Wednesday 22nd July

Tattooing is a painful process, yet many people voluntarily undergo these painful, expensive procedures, injuring their bodies and making themselves more vulnerable to infection? Why do we do this? Why would some people voluntarily expose themselves to pain and risk of infection? Why do other people choose not to?

Furthermore, when you consider how quickly cultural perceptions of tattooing changes, what impact can this have? There are a lot of pervasive stereotypes around people with tattoos, or the content or placement of tattoos, the majority of which have negative connotations – why would some people choose to position themselves in this way?

In this free, live-streamed event, Dr Rebecca Owens, Lecturer in Psychology, will introduce you to some of the historical and cross-cultural context of tattooing to shed light on the psychology of tattooing in the context of the UK.


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