Hidden Sounds
What stories can be found beneath the surface of a pond? Sonic Explorer David de la Haye goes in search of hidden sounds and opens our ears to new worlds that exist beneath the surface of the water. A short documentary produced by Objectiv. David de la Haye’s work is supported by Natural England and the Arts & Humanities Research Council.
Learning Through Game Play
Is gaming the future of learning?
Autism: Beyond Myth and Misconception
Dr Amy Pearson tackles some of the most pervasive myths around autism.
Scrubbing the Sky: Reacting to the Carbon Dioxide Problem
Dr Greg Mutch on the need to go further than merely reducing CO2 emissions.
The Human Canvas: The History and Culture of Tattooing
Dr Rebecca Owens charts the history of tattooing and how it relates contemporary British culture.
Diversity in STEM: Forgotten Women in Science
CyberSciBar: Fighting the Superbugs: The Puzzles of Antimicrobial Resistance
Join Paula Salgado as she heroically battles the superbugs.
Dr Paula Salgado, our CyberSciBar speaker for June 2020.
CyberSciBar: Bringing Cities to Life
Dr Vikki Houlden on the impact the greenspace can have on our mental health.

CyberSciBar: The Methmatics of Magic
Dr David Cushing takes on on a journey through mathematics and card tricks.
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