Why Should You Worry About AI?
The Need for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence.
Origin: Polymerization on the Rocks
Could life have emerged from mere rocks?
Smart Zombies: The next generation of self-powered IoTs
Meet Master of Zombies Dr Marina Freitag and her army of Smart Zombies.
How to Prevent an Extinction
Countries are failing to meet targets to prevent species loss. What do governments need to do to prevent extinctions?
Would You Stay in Bed for £14k?
What happens when you stay in bed all day and night for 2 months?
The Chemistry of Coffee
How much do you know about (arguably) the world’s favourite drink? How can you apply some basic principles of chemistry in order to make your morning coffee taste better?
Hidden Sounds
What stories can be found beneath the surface of a pond? Sonic Explorer David de la Haye goes in search of hidden sounds and opens our ears to new worlds that exist beneath the surface of the water. A short documentary produced by Objectiv. David de la Haye’s work is supported by Natural England and the Arts & Humanities Research Council.
Learning Through Game Play
Is gaming the future of learning?
Autism: Beyond Myth and Misconception
Dr Amy Pearson tackles some of the most pervasive myths around autism.
Scrubbing the Sky: Reacting to the Carbon Dioxide Problem
Dr Greg Mutch on the need to go further than merely reducing CO2 emissions.
The Human Canvas: The History and Culture of Tattooing
Dr Rebecca Owens charts the history of tattooing and how it relates contemporary British culture.
Diversity in STEM: Forgotten Women in Science
CyberSciBar: Fighting the Superbugs: The Puzzles of Antimicrobial Resistance
Join Paula Salgado as she heroically battles the superbugs.
Dr Paula Salgado, our CyberSciBar speaker for June 2020.
CyberSciBar: Bringing Cities to Life
Dr Vikki Houlden on the impact the greenspace can have on our mental health.

CyberSciBar: The Methmatics of Magic
Dr David Cushing takes on on a journey through mathematics and card tricks.
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