Women in STEM: Battling the Bugs

Battling The Bugs: Women in Science

Women in STEM: Battling the Bugs

6pm, Thursday 23rd January.

Talks by Angela Geering, Advanced Biomedical Scientist at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle and Dr Paula Salgado Senior Lecturer in Macromolecular Crystallography at Newcastle University.

The Lit & Phil
23 Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Superbugs – bacteria that have developed resistance to many or all of our chemical defences – are a growing threat within our healthcare systems. As the list of superbugs grow, we need to devote an increasing amount of time and energy to understand why these wiley microbes are so good at evading our grasp.

Come along to ‘Battling the Bugs!’ the first edition of a collaborative Women in STEM series presented by Palace of science to learn how we study these problematic prokaryotes in the lab, and how we use such research to tackle the problem in our hospitals.


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