Would You Stay in Bed for £14K?

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Would you stay in bed for £14K?

Kirsty Lindsay, Post Graduate Researcher, Aerospace Medicine Rehabilitation Laboratory, Northumbria University.

7:30pm, Wednesday 27th January

#CyberSciBar is a series of free, online science-themed talks.
Would you stay in bed for £14K?; How and why we do bed rest studies
Spaceflight is bad for you: almost every system in the body is negatively affected, and scientists want to find out how to stop those negative changes happening. Then they want to use those lessons to help people on Earth. But space is tough to get to, and even worse for doing human science because there are so few people in space at any one time. So, we use a ground-based spaceflight model of spaceflight instead; bed rest, literally staying in bed all day and night for 2 months (even when you poop.)
This talk will look at the 2019 AGBRESA study, which was one of the most scientifically complex bed rest studies ever undertaken, with over 100 scientists looking at the effects of bed rest and daily artificial gravity via a short- arm human centrifuge on 24 male and female participants. The Northumbria team looked at the effects of bed rest on the spine. They also looked to see how their exercise device, FRED, could be used as a rehabilitation tool after bed rest. This talk will cover what happens to the body during bed rest, why we use bed rest as a spaceflight model, how the team did the experiments, and what they found out.


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